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What is Project Quasar? It is a vast and overarching setting that covers the extents of human history and the logical foretelling of future events given thus and the trends in technological evolution. At it's core, it is a cyberpunk universe, secondly it is cosmic-horror, and with any sufficiently advanced technology being indistinguishable from magic, there are even elements that would be considered fantasy to be involved.

The main story thus far covers the span of time between 2010 to the 2040's, following the various events of the collapse of human society during the global corporate wars, a fallout of the technological singularity invalidating much of the old world. During this time, humanity begins a rapid evolution with it's technology, and swaths of civilization are uplifted by the existing non-human empires to be integrated into the galactic community.

Considered to be old lore now, much of the galactic situation has been detailed on our wiki


As development studies and projections continued, the next era of story telling is focused around 2,000 years into the future, after humanity that remained on Earth was able to claw its way to the stars and establish a foothold as a galactic civilization. Several wars had been waged between the non-human empires as humanity grew, leading to the near total extermination of those that had been uplifted previously and scattered amongst the stars. Now, unstoppable in their growth, humanity has been secretly been prepared to take on the largest existential threat to all life in the galaxy; the infamous machines of the Centauri Federation, rogue AI with dreadful reality warping powers.

This new story is that of Mercy's Reach, a battlecarrier equipped with experimental and banned technology from ancient alien civilizations that will hopefully give the transhuman heroes an edge in the coming war for the galaxy.

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